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In Feels Like Home, Grammy award-winning singer Linda Ronstadt effortlessly evokes the magical panorama of the Sonoran borderlands, a landscape etched by sunlight and carved by wind, offering a personal tour of the place where she came of age, built around meals and memories. Following her best-selling musical memoir, Simple Dreams, this book seamlessly braids together Ronstadt’s recollections of people and their passions in a region little understood in the rest of the United States.

The granddaughter of Mexican immigrants, Ronstadt celebrates the marvelous flavors and indomitable people on both sides of the border in this road trip through the high desert. Written in collaboration with Lawrence Downes and illustrated throughout with stunning photographs by Bill Steen, Feels Like Home features 20 recipes for traditional Sonoran dishes and a bevy of revelations for Ronstadt’s admirers, including never-before-seen family photos. If this book were a radio signal, you might first pick it up on an Arizona highway, well south of Phoenix, coming into the glow of Ronstadt’s hometown of Tucson. It would be playing the old canciones, from a time when the border was a place not of peril but of possibility.

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Indulge in sumptuous Sonoran flavors with Linda’s favorite family recipes!

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