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The Bitter End in NYC
(still on the wall)
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July 3, 2004 Pictures from Westbury Music Fair - May 30,2004
and Beacon Theater - June 1, 2004




I've been fan of Linda Ronstadt since the Stone Poneys in 1968 when I heard 'Different Drum'. I have all her albums, originally in vinyl (now in storage) and then buying everything in CD. Although I like many performers, Linda is my number one artists. Through Linda I found many other artist and I continue look forward to anything she does.

I never intended to create a Linda Ronstadt web page but upon discovering that '' had not been taken I decided to jump in.

Since there are already many good Linda sites, this site will probably remain primarily a jumping off point to the other sites. I don't see much point in duplicating the efforts of others who are doing a great job.

Rich Hanson




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